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QVP- Quality, Value and Performance Since 1985 and always in California.
We produce the highest quality High Output Alternators
For Car Audio, Marine, Off Road and Racing Performance.   Se Habla Español.

High Output Alternators

We are constantly adding New applications to our online catalog . If you cannot find your vehicle does not mean we cannot build one. Contact us at 800-345-4952 for a custom quote today.  Most "common" Units are available in stock, but Custom High Output units are custom built, so an average lead time of One (1) Week is required for orders.


Siempre estamos agregando aplicaciones nuevos. Si no encuentran su vehiculo, comunican se con nosotros directo por email, whattsapp o telefono.  Muchos de unidades "comon" estan desponible, pero unidades de Alto Amperage "especiales" require una semana para fabricar.


Internal Voltage Regulators



All of our Internally regulated Alternators are supplied with Brand New Voltage regulators that meet or exceed OEM specifications. Voltage Set Points are set to OEM unless otherwise noted.

Multiple Voltage bypass options

are readily available for AGM

and Lithium Battery options.

Dual Bridge Heavy Duty Rectifiers



All Denso Style Hairpin Alternators are supplied with Heavy Duty, Dual Bridge Heat sinks along with 12 Press Fit Avalanche diodes.

ALL our 128mm alternators are supplied with 12-50amp Avalanche Diodes for maximum durability.

ALL our 138mm alternators are supplied with 12-50amp or 12-80amp Avalanche Diodes for maximum durability.

Premium Bearings




All our High Output Alternators and starters come standard with OEM, High Temperature Bearings for long life.

Amperage Ratings


We are the only company that utilizes 3 different Test Benches to ensure proper functionality of our units. All units are rated at max output at 1800 car RPM and Idle output of 650 car RPM because few cars idle at 800rpm.

Proof in Performance


While we do not post EVERY unit online as this would slow down our production and shipping times, we do show various "clamp proof" videos on social media, You Tube and our website. We continue to publicly show "Proof in Performance".

Warranty Policy


 All units come with our Lifetime Labor and 1 Year Parts, Limited Warranty.  Warranty covers any premature bearing or Internal voltage regulator failure. It does not cover failures due to improper installation or burned units.

NOTE: Warranty does not cover "ABUSE" of units and Improper installation.  All units are Custom built, so Alternators are NON Refundable. Each unit is tested TWICE before it leaves our facility, ensuring  proper amperage and voltage for each order placed. Do your due diligence before ordering.  Photos on website are for reference only. We manufacture a Denso hairpin design which may not look like your factory alternator but will fit (some spacers or brackets may be included for proper installation and a shorter belt is required).



Computerized Tester

AutoTech Engineering is the ONLY company that employs three (3) different Test machines to ensure that EVERY unit meets our custom specifications. Our D&V Computerized tester is fully automated which allows us to test for:

  • Ripple current
  • Voltage setpoints
  • Feedback Voltage
  • Leakage
  • Multiple "Rotor" RPM amperage outputs
  • Rotor speed tests up to 6000rpm (2000 car rpm)

AutoTech Engineering tests its units under actual Vehicle RPM speeds, Most vehicles DO NOT Idle at 800rpm, nor cruise at 4000rpm so we test under TRUE Vehicle Conditions.

Load Bank Testers

AutoTech Engineering employs the latest in testing equipment using Jimco Carbon Pile testers which allows us to test for:

  • Voltage setpoints
  • Ripple Current
  • Multiple "Rotor" RPM amperage outputs
  • Rotor speed tests up to 6000rpm (2000 car rpm)

Rectifier / Diode Tester


AutoTech Engineering strives to Pre qualify ALL of its Internal Components. We don't simply purchase parts to install into our Alternators. Each part is carefully pre-qualified and Tested to ensure that the it meets or exceeds OUR standards.

Stator / Rotor Tester

AutoTech Engineering strives to Pre qualify ALL of its Internal Components and suppliers. We don't simply purchase parts to install into our Alternators without testing them first. Each part is carefully pre-qualified and Tested to ensure that the it meets or exceeds OUR rigorous standards.


Enter our Online Catalog to look up your vehicle / Entre nuesto Catalogo para buscar su vehiculo

Financing Available

Did you know that we offer Finance options for our High Output Alternators? Up to 100 days NO interest fees. Just follow the simple steps and Text 28468 to #48078 to apply or Click the Link below Image.


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GOLD SERIES - 170amp-320amp (128mm Small Case)

COMPETITION SERIES -320amp, 350amp 370amp , 400amp (138mm Large case)


12-80 Amp Avalanche Diodes

CS Series Highest possible Idle Output in the game with over 220 amps at 650rpm (proven output)



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