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QVP-Quality, Value and PerformanceHigh Output Alternators
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Custom Low Rider, Muscle Car and

Mini Truck High Output Alternators

Whether you have a V Belt system or a Serpentine system, know that AutoTech Engineering has you covered with multiple, DIRECT fitment and clocking options up to 320 Amp at 1800rpm (serpentine style).


Idle Output Performance (ours vs theirs)

Heavy Duty Components for Increased Performance

All of our High Output Alternators are supplied with Dual Bridge Rectifiers sporting 12-50 Amp Press Fit Avalanche Diodes, the most durable rectifier available in the marketplace. OEM only supplies 6-25 Amp Diodes.

Voltage Bypass for Constant Voltage

We know Classic Vehicles need in terms of POWER, especially at Low Idle RPM. With our Standard Voltage bypass supplied onto EVERY alternator, we ensure that you are getting the Highest possible Voltage to your system.

It takes Power to make Power

Our High Output Alternators are proven in the field and we continue to provide output proof videos and data sheets are supplied with every order.


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GM 10si, 12si Style (7127)

  • OEM Bearings
  • 12-50 Amp Press Fit Avalanche Diodes
  • 15V Internal Voltage Setpoint (cold)
  • Maximum Durability
  • Up to 320 Amp Max Output at 1800RPM
  • Built for Extreme conditions