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Autotechs Custom 1/0 Ground Lug to be installed onto your existing High output alternator. INSTRUCTIONS:  You will need to remove your alternator from vehicle when installing ground lug.  Upon removal of alternator, verify that your alternator pulley spins freely by hand.  Ground lug will go on One (1) of the four (4) alternator thru bolts that hold the front and rear cases of the alternator together.  Make sure you use a torque wrench to ensure you are providing the same torque it takes to remove one the thru bolts, so when you install ground lug and re-install the thru bolt that you DO NOT overtighten the thru bolt.  After installing the ground lug, tighten the thru bolt using torque wrench.  Once installed, spin the alternator pulley to ensure there is no binding or alternator is not locked up.  If pulley is binding or locked up means you overtightend the thru bolt. THIS ITEM SHIPS VIA US MAIL, NO TRACKING IS PROVIDED

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